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Literacy Central Autumn Training Courses

Better Reading Support Partner - Literacy Central is an independent education consultancy who believe that literacy is central to educational and life success. Working across the whole range of early years, primary and secondary provision and with other organisations, we offer tailored support and training that can be delivered onsite or at central venues. Marie Kilgallon Associates Ltd Educational Consultant


Why do we need Better Reading Support Partners?


We know that even a small number of underachievers can make a huge difference to how a school is judged and that Ofsted assesses ‘the extent to which the school intervenes to provide support for pupils, especially those at risk of underachieving’. Furthermore, within the STA document ‘Check Administration Guidance’ section 5:4 it states that ‘The school should outline the support that it will be putting in place to help the child progress’.


Edge Hill University’s Better Reading Support Partners, a successful TA reading intervention, could support those children operating at wave 2 with phonics but more importantly with a view to supporting them as readers! It has been proven to show reading age gains of 11 months over a 2 months intervention period (see attached documentation). It is also flexibly used to support children from Year 1 through to Year 10.

We are running training courses in the autumn term.

Please find additional information below.


BRSP flyer[1]

BRSP preparatory information for schools

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