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I have worked with Marie for many years now and have always been impressed with her depth of knowledge and the quality of her work. Marie was asked to deliver teacher training in our school recently. The staff immediately warmed to her and her range of experience gave her high credibility with them. She was extremely well prepared and her very clear and passionate delivery both enthused and motivated them. Having discussed our needs with Marie prior to the training she was able to pitch her content exactly right to fully engage all the staff, both teachers and teaching assistants. Marie’s training was the springboard for the subject leader to then continue staff development throughout the year. The result of this has been that staff are very confident in the teaching of writing and our end of Key Stage results have improved significantly.
Anne High (Headteacher Wessington Primary and Day Care)

Marie Kilgallon has worked in partnership with Durham LA since 2008. In that time she has provided support to Early Years Consultants and has delivered training to consultants as well as to practitioners working directly with children.
Marie has always been a positive force for good and has remained enthusiastic and encouraging in all her work. Her approach is pragmatic and peppered with personal anecdotes that ensure all her advice is rooted in real scenarios, with actual, measurable outcomes. She is proactive in developing resources and training materials that push forward the boundaries of current thinking, but also she is able to respond to specific need and can draw from her experience in schools to enable staff to arrive at useful solutions for their own context.
Marie is a valued colleague and now a treasured friend. She is trustworthy, honest and affirming, but also unafraid to challenge thinking and debate issues. Her understanding of phonological development is far-reaching and the long-term impact of her work on outcomes for children’s reading and writing is substantial.
Barbara Reilly-O’Donnell (Headteacher, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Aycliffe)

Marie provided us with a fantastic day of teacher training around the teaching and learning of phonics. The day consisted of interactive sessions with high quality materials and ideas for staff to implement in the classroom. The record keeping and tool kit is a must for all practitioners to assist them with their assessment.
She delivered with high professionalism, pace and quality. Her knowledge around this area is phenomenal and staff all felt they had had a great day, where their subject knowledge was increased, and time was given to reflect and improve our own performance. School is very clear about where to take the stages of reading further and fully implement a consistent whole school approach. Marie will be coming back to support our evaluation of impact of our strategies in the Spring term and was excellent value for money.
All staff at Kings Oak Learning Centre, Barnsley

The informative briefing detailed the rationale for targeting phonics and gave a comprehensive overview of expected pupil outcomes at every stage of development. Marie shared her great depth of subject knowledge in a clear, concise manner that conveyed a genuine passion for promoting reading in primary schools.
Chris Peacock Acting Head teacher (Holy Family Primary School, Darlington)

We have recently had phonics CPD from Marie Kilgallon. We found the training well planned, highly interactive and informative. All the staff were very impressed with her professional approach to the training and the quality of the information she provided.

I would certainly ask Marie back to my school for further CPD; her training was certainly value for money.
Endorsement of MK

You were a positive presence – a facilitator who ‘walked’ your ‘talk’. Inspiring, practical, non-threatening and delivered with genuine belief in and passion about, providing the right to read for every child. Thank you.
Kathryn Stephenson

I really enjoyed seeing how letters and sounds progressed from one stage to the next. Very comprehensive overview. I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed and been enthused about the training. You were an absolute star. You deserve a medal for pulling this off. Slots don’t get more ‘graveyard’ than this.
Michelle Groundry

A lot of information to absorb but fun games and discussions helped.
Amanda Armstrong

I thoroughly enjoyed this course – it was delivered in a fun and interesting way at the perfect pace. I have done many letters and sound courses but this one is by far the best. Thank you.
Miriam McLachlan

Helpful for supply teachers who are rarely offered up-to-date training. Glad that a lot of emphasis put on importance of Phase 1.
Elaine Folcroft

I now understand the phases 1-6.I will work with the teachers to put into practice my enhanced skills and understanding during guided reading. The training was enthusiastic and inspirational.

The overview of Phases 1, 2, 3 (that come before the phases I teach currently) was very helpful. Audit provoked very useful discussion. I really enjoyed that. There was a good balance today of us listening to you and working together to identify our issues. You were very sensitive and accommodating to all. Your enthusiasm is infectious!
B Watson